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March 7, 2022

My NFT Alerts - Revolutionizing NFT Investing with Speed and Information

The NFT industry moves lightning quick...  Keeping track of mint dates, project reveals, and scheduled auctions is a challenging endeavor, if not almost impossible, work for anybody in the coin collecting industry. While it might be challenging to keep up with collectors, new product releases, and large-scale exchanges, a few businesses have developed complete tool suites to aid in the process of NFT monitoring and investing. For example, you may investigate a plethora of NFTs until you discover one that appeals to you, only to compare that product's pricing across multiple other websites to get the best deal. Additionally, consider that a price decline may be imminent.

MyNFTAlerts aims to ease the research process for all NFT enthusiasts and investors, meant to enable you to stay on top of things when time is of the essence. A new bid, price change, or volume spike should be reported as quickly as possible. This allows time for investigation and determining if it is an excellent time to buy, sell, or hold on to your position.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to configure your customized notifications to be sent through SMS or email. This is paramount for those who want to take swift action and not miss anything. Besides, this platform is entirely free! When you can observe patterns and trends in real time, you have a better chance of knowing what projects are popular before anybody else.

Individual NFT's may be followed, and notifications can be sent out when purchasing, bidding, or selling them. All of your choices will be organized on a user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to have quick overview of your Watchlist and notifications. Furthermore, one quintessential aspect is that users may get push alerts on their phones when minting begins, NFT disclosures occur, or whales and influencers make their next move in the cryptocurrency market. As you might already know, Even more, you will have the possibility to receive gas price alerts. When it comes to gas, there are two sides to the coin. In times of high gas prices, it becomes difficult for up and coming artists to produce, mint, and even purchase other pieces of work. The expense of gas on Ethereum transactions is something that some artists seek to include into their works of art, although this is not always successful (meaning they are willing to lower the overall cost of their art, making it more accessible.) However, artists may overpay for their work (by incurring higher marketplace fees and gas expenses) in order to publish their work before they have earned the right to charge such high prices in the first place. Stay on top of the game and get your gas alerts to buy, sell, mint when gas fees are low!

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